The Cambell Wedding

This boho-beauty was a dream wedding between an amazing make-up artist I’d worked with a couple of times in the past and an amazing sound engineer I’d done some work with in my previous life as a music video director.

Unfortunately for this shoot I was ill so had 500mg of paracetamol and approx 500mg of caffeine running through my veins, this is where shot lists come in. Needless to say, my brain was not functioning very well! The way I have things set up is as follows. The bride fills in an online questionnaire that I send through a few weeks out, this is actually a google form that outputs to a pdf that appears directly in my google drive in a ‘shoot doc’ folder, on the day of the shoot I’ll have it opinion my phone all through the day as a reference point. The information in this shoot doc includes times, dates, phone numbers etc. and my own shot list that I keep updated with all my latest ideas.

Now after the final video was delivered in conversation it came up that I was ill, the bride had absolutely no idea! Result!

From the bride (real time Facebook messages):

“Oh my God – Andrew – I am blown away – I am nearly in tears – It’s so stunning” 🙂

The James and Sarah Wedding from Tregoning Weddings on Vimeo.

On this wedding I had the pleasure of working with the legend Rosie Hardy – literally the best event photographer I’ve ever seen. Her skills on the camera and the edit are matched by the way she interacts with her subjects, she has an uncanny way of making people feel at ease, not sure I’ll ever be able to get up in peoples faces like that and get great relaxed smiles!