Sian & Tom

If I had to summarise this wedding it would be, money and laughs! Such a weird mix that I had a real struggle with the soundtrack, it was full of silliness and joy which means poppy Folk music, but her shoes and dress cost more than our house, which says to me orchestral cinematic music. I ended up typing ‘happy’ ‘cinematic’ and ‘uplifting’ into the browse section of which is a licensing website I love, and it came up with about 2 tracks, one of which I put over the first section of the video…And it didn’t fit! So I dug out a track by a friend of a friend and added some synthy pads to it to fill it out. It seemed to fit great, really nice lyrics. Hannah pointed out that it’s really important to show a lot of the bride and have lyrics that fit.

Picking the music for a wedding video is so hard for me. This is our philosophy: We ask couples to trust us! It makes the whole process easier if we choose the music for the videos as the songs have to have the right feel, dynamics, lyrics, tempo and key to match the visuals. The tracks need to have things like repeatable instrumental sections and be in a complimentary key to each other etc.

Clients have insisted in the past, usually choosing their favourite songs which we have of course obliged but, they end up with a disjointed video. On the other hand we once had a bride choose two amazing tracks that we’d never heard before which perfectly matched her boho wedding.

The bottom line is the client can of course choose the tracks themselves but we recommend they leave it to us.

Our videos generally have three tracks: A folky happy romantic song over the bride prep, a twinkly instrumental section over the ceremony, and a happy party track over the evening. The way I usually pick my tracks is by after I sort through the best shots I’ll have a good idea of the feel of the wedding. I’ll watch the clips through whilst imagining what genre mood and feel of music would compliment the visuals, then I go on the hunt, which usually takes way too long (slight perfectionism disorder).

This was also the first wedding for which we used our new camera! A Sony A7Sii, which is fast becoming my favourite camera I’ve ever used, amazing piece of kit in a tiny package. Watch this space for more gushing reviews.

Omg, thank you so much for sending everything across, we are both over the moon with the video and think it’s perfect!!!! You’ve both done such an amazing job and we’re so happy! 🙂 Thank you so so much! Thanks so much, it really was lovely to meet you both and work with you on the day – you really did manage to capture the magic of the day for us 🙂

The Bride

Sian and Tom from Tregoning Weddings on Vimeo.