Lizzie & Matt

Gorgeous Chilham in Kent. Wow this place looked like a film set and has been used as one many times apparently. The bride hired a beautiful cottage on the picturesque square just round the corner from the 740 year old church (with civil war era bullet holes in it’s doors). This couple chose music as a theme, and boy did the bride put a lot of work into this wedding, too many details to fit in the final video. Paper roses made out of sheet music, stood out amongst the millions of other handcrafted musically themed favours and decor details. One of my favourite moments was when the bride surprised the groom with a solo rendition of some beautiful musical song before the meal, real talent.

For this wedding I drove down the day before as it was a 4-5hr drive from our home in Sheffield. I woke up on the morning of the wedding totally riddled with man flu. Absolute disaster. I shot this wedding on my own so I had no back up plan except getting in another videographer from London and with it being so last minute this would have been very tricky to set up. Luckily I had to leave the hotel at 9 and I’d woken up at 7 so I had time to get myself sorted out. I managed to force myself up and out of the door to the service station opposite the hotel (budget accommodation has it’s perks) where I bought three separate cold medications. After chucking down a borderline legal amount of paracetamol, receiving a motivational/mildly offensive phone call from Hannah and hugging the hotel room radiator for 1 hour I was finally ready for a 12 hour day of filming. Phew. Thank goodness for max cold relief blackcurrant drinks seriously.

For this wedding I ended up making a highlight video that was over 10 minutes. This is by far the longest one I’ve made, most are between 5-6 mins long. There was just so much usable footage, so many planned things happened on the day, so many smiling faces too. A real pleasure to attend and film. A lovely lovely couple.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FILM! IT’S ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! We may have watched it over 20 times this evening already, and cried a few times too. The parts where Matt’s brother hugs him outside the church and the part with my uncle in the evening literally melted our hearts. Jeez. It’s beautiful….We just wanted to say thank you so much for the highlight film. Right from the very beginning with initial contact, to being so professional on the day- Tregoning Weddings have been excellent. It was wonderful to have you there filming us on the day, but to be honest we both said that we forgot you were filming at points because of how you smooth you were! Videographer Ninja! Thank you so much Andy, it’s perfect for us. All the best for the future to you all “

The Bride

Liz and Matt from Tregoning Weddings on Vimeo.